"Time waits for no man"

So often we are not or rather say never thought about how nature responds to make us aware of things. The example would the book called "The secret" , which highlights those things. You might wake up one day and don't really feel like going to work , school or wherever but reality verses conscious is two different things, but  your body is the spiritual  or conscious part and you have reality that states "time waits for no man" . My two nephews passed away in taxi crash a month ago, but their morning was different one; they did not want go to school and what spoke to them was the spiritual/conscious side but the mothers insisted that they go;because they were not coming up with flu or sick, reality was also saying GO. We as humans don't  pay attention to that spiritual/conscious which is one with us, but we get to be driven by reality.  Time waits for no man, but how do we find the balance if so to speak ?

Remember "time waits for no man"; hours , days, months and years pass by.

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